Sony 55X9000H 4K HDR LED Android TV

It is possible to buy a good 55-inch 4K LED TV such as the Mi TV 4x 55 for less than at the moment, so the idea of a TV with similar specifications and functions will cost might be a little too much for many in the stomach. You can even get decent QLED TVs from brands like OnePlus and TCL for half less, so what exactly is in the Sony 55X9000H that justifies its rather high price?

There is obviously more in the Sony 55X9000H than its brand name. Key features include full local gradation, support from HDR to Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos to name a few. Has all this come together to make the Sony 55x9000h an interesting purchase for those looking for a new premium TV? Find out in our review.

Design and specifications of Sony Android TV 55x9000h 4K HDR LED

Although it is acceptable that low-budget widescreen 4K LED TVs look simple and accurate, more than a high-end model such as the Sony 55x9000h is expected. It looks and feels extra good compared to most 55-inch 4K TVs, thanks to a thin aluminum frame and overall thickness that won’t let the TV stretch too far from the wall. The silver edges look good without being distracting, which makes them perhaps the most sophisticated 55-inch TV I’ve used in a while.

The Sony 55x9000h has the two standard full – range speakers with down trigger with a total power of 20W.the digital surround formats Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos and DTS are supported by the speaker system of the TV. The 55-inch Ultra HD LED display (3840×2160 pixels) provides full local dimming with support from HDR to Dolby Vision. The maximum refresh rate is 120 Hz for full HD and 60 Hz for Ultra HD. All this is powered by Sony’s X1 4K HDR image processor, which, while not as powerful as the X1 Ultimate of the Sony A9G OLED TV, is suitable for the LED screen of the Sony X9000H.

The TV comes with table stands included in the box, which are as well designed and built as the TV itself. However, unlike many high-end Sony TVs, these brackets are fixed near the corners and are also wide, so you will need a large table to place the Sony 55x9000h.

You can opt for wall mounting for free at the time of installation, with the technician providing the right wall mounting equipment. This TV uses standard VESA hole height measurements, so you can use any supported wall mounting kit. Even if they are mounted on the wall, the connectors on the left side of the screen are quite easily accessible.

There are four HDMI ports, two USB ports, an Ethernet port, a composite video input jack, a headphone jack and A Toslink digital audio output. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are of course present, with HDMI ARC and CEC also supported.

Remote control and specifications Sony 55X9000H 4K HDR LED with Android TV
While many brands opt for more adventurous and minimalist remotes, Sony sticks to a more traditional remote control filled with buttons. The remote control of the Sony 55x9000h looks and feels good, with many buttons, including a numeric keypad, which is quite rare these days. There are special controls for playback and navigation on Android TV, as well as a microphone and a button for the Google Assistant, corresponding volume buttons and mute, and keyboard shortcuts for Netflix and Google Play.

The remote control has both IR and Bluetooth and works on two AAA batteries included in the sales package. All buttons are well arranged and easy to distinguish, which makes it easy to operate this remote even in the dark. The Google assistant feature was useful because I could also control other connected devices and gadgets such as smart lights and cleaning robots. The standard features of the Google assistant, including content recovery and response to requests, also work very well.

The Sony 55x9000h has built-in Chromecast Ultra functionality for streaming up to Ultra HD resolution and also works with Apple AirPlay and HomeKit. There is also support for Netflix Calibrated Mode, which automatically adjusts the TV’s image settings to the recommended values when you watch certain titles on Netflix, based on the content creator’s entries.

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