Gadget Updates – Oppo Watch Is Awesome

Is that an Apple Watch? That’s the first thought that came to my mind when I received the Oppo watch. The design and packaging certainly seem inspired by the Apple Watch, but the similarities end here, since the Oppo watch works with Google’s Wear operating system. With technology companies slowing down on smartwatches and only traditional watch makers promoting Wear OS for some time, it’s good to see Oppo intervening. Is the Oppo watch an important argument for Wear OS, or will this device be a replica of the Apple Watch? I’m testing the clock to find this answer.

Oppo Watch Design

The Oppo watch can easily be confused with an Apple Watch, and some people I met assumed it was the fruity device. Although the design seems inspired, Oppo has nailed it in terms of fit and finish. The first thing that will draw your attention to the Oppo watch is the AMOLED display. It is large, measures 1.91 inches and is curved on two sides. This not only looks good, but is also useful when you browse the interface.

The beautiful screen flows into an aluminum cover that feels premium. There are two buttons on the right, while the speaker is on the left. The bottom button has an accent and can be set to perform any function of your choice. This also acts as a power button when you long press. The button at the top is used to open the app drawer and serves as a backspace key; a longer press will call the Google Assistant.

You will not find horns on the Oppo watch because the bracelets are attached directly to the aluminum cover. This looks clean, but the downside is that the design is proprietary and finding replacements will not be easy. Oppo claims that the straps are made of fluorocarbon rubber and are lightweight. Within two weeks of using this watch, these bracelets have never caused irritation or rashes on my skin. You can separate the strap from the body by pressing tiny release buttons on the back. A firm pressure is enough to release the strap, but it would not accidentally come off.

The back of the Oppo watch has the heart rate sensor in a dome in the middle, while the rest of the back is plastic. The sensor dome is only for the 46 mm Oppo Watch made of ceramic; the smallest Oppo Watch with 41 mm has a plastic dome. The loading spindles are positioned downwards and are slightly set back. I did not notice any discoloration or corrosion on these pins during the investigation period.

Oppo has reduced the weight of the device, and the body alone weighs 40g. the fluoro rubber straps are also lightweight, and the size of the watch fits my wrist perfectly. You will get a larger 430mah battery if you choose the Oppo 46mm watch, compared to 300mAh for the 41mm variant. It is magnetic and keeps the watch in place while powered.

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