Gadget Review – Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung is among the few manufacturers that still offer high-end Android tablets, and the Galaxy Tab S7 + is its recent model. While most other manufacturers stick with the low-end tablets, Samsung has unveiled what a prominent Android tablet should look like. The Galaxy Tab S7 + has impressive specifications such as a large 12,4-inch Super Amoled display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor and an included s-Pen pen. Samsung has set the price which begs the question, is the Galaxy Tab S7 + worth such a big investment? I passed it in our tests to find out.

Model Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ at the same time. While the Galaxy Tab S7 is the successor to the Galaxy Tab S6 that I reviewed after last year, the Galaxy Tab S7+ reflects the best that Samsung has to offer at the moment. It has a large 12.4-inch Super Amoled display with a resolution of 1752×2800 pixels and supports HDR10+. The glasses on the screen are the perfect size; Thin enough to look modern, but thick enough to allow you to comfortably hold the Galaxy Tab S7+ without causing accidental touches. Samsung expects you to use this tablet mainly in landscape mode and has placed a selfie camera on the right side of the panel.

There are four AKG speakers on the Tab S7+; two at the top and the other two at the bottom on either side of the USB Type-C port. the frame of the tablet is made of metal and has a high-quality feel. On the right side you have the power and volume buttons, as well as a tray for a nano-SIM. You will see a flush three-pin connector on the left side of the device, with two notches for compatible accessories. Samsung sent me a book cover keyboard cover that fits perfectly with this tablet. More about the keyboard cover in a little.

At the top and bottom of the frame you will find antenna lines that help the Galaxy Tab S7+lock LTE. The back of the tablet is flat with only a dual camera module in the upper left corner. A shiny patch that extends under the cameras tells you where to store the S-Pen. It stays in place with magnets and is automatically charged when attached. The Galaxy Tab S7 + weighs 575g and one-handed operation would be difficult. Samsung has packed in a 10,090 mAh battery and offers a 15W charger in the box.

Specifications and software of Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung has pretty much picked the best hardware for the Galaxy Tab S7+. Let’s start with the AMOLED display supports HDR10+ and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The screen is sharp and provides excellent viewing angles. You can also change the color profile and color temperature of the panel. I noticed that the screen of the Galaxy Tab S7 + becomes quite bright and can also be used outdoors, although it is quite reflective.

Fueling the Galaxy Tab S7 + is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 + SOC, which has just about the most powerful processor for the Android platform at the moment. It is connected to 6 GB of lpddr5 RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. You get a microSD card slot that allows you to expand the memory up to 1 TB. It supports Bluetooth 5, Dual Band Wi-Fi, VoLTE 4G and four navigation systems.

The Galaxy Tab S7 + has a built-in fingerprint scanner, which is located at the bottom of the screen. It is a CMOS sensor, and you can see that the screen lights up when you put your finger on it. Just like the Galaxy Tab S6 (review), the Tab S7+ does not have a 3,5 mm headphone jack, so you will not be able to connect your old headphones.

In terms of software, you get OneUI 2.5 over Android 10, and my revision unit ran the September Android security patch. The interface was scaled to the size of a tablet for the screen, and navigation was very simple. If you have recently used a Samsung smartphone, you will be at home on the Galaxy Tab S7+. With two applications running side by side, you can easily multitask. If you want to work on more than two applications at once, you can open others in pop-up windows. I could open a dozen applications in this way, but only five can be actively used. Just like Galaxy smartphones, there is a multi-app tray in the right corner. This is easily customizable.

The s-Pen that comes with the Galaxy Tab S7 + supports pen actions. You can interact with the tablet by holding down the button of the s-Pen and performing gestures. Pressing the button and touching the s-pen on the screen when it is turned off will start off-screen memos that will allow you to quickly take notes. Slamming the s-Pen on the back of the tablet automatically saves these notes.

You can also hold down the S-Pen button to launch the camera app on the tablet and then use it to take photos. A double-click switches from one camera to another, and a swipe with the button pressed changes the camera modes. Samsung has optimized the tablet to work with The s-Pen, and it offers a good repulsion of the palm. I was able to rest my palm completely on the tablet while using sketch apps without accidental touch.

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