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Mi Watch Revolve is the first smartwatch from Xiaomi to be launched in India, and it seems that the company has done its homework. The Mi Watch Revolve has an interesting hardware that is not common on portable devices at this price. It runs proprietary software and is able to follow several exercises. To top it off, Xiaomi requires a standby time of two weeks, so you don’t have to charge this watch frequently. Xiaomi had rated The mi Watch Revolve at in India, which seems quite aggressive. So, is this the smartwatch for you? I looked at The mi Watch Revolve to find out.

Design and specifications of the Mi Revolve watch

Xiaomi has the basics in design. You will get a round screen with a thin black bezel surrounding it. This one is packed in a shiny metal body with two buttons on the right side. The button on the top is the power button and it can also be used to display menus when using the watch. The second key is a key combination and can be assigned to a quick workout or any other function of your choice. These two buttons provide a solid clicky back.

You could also accidentally knock on the clock while walking around, which I did the first few days I used it. Xiaomi has raised the cover around the 1.39-inch AMOLED display, which allows it to be protected in cover of accidental blows. There is also Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with a scratch-resistant coating for protection. After 15 days of use, I can say that there are no scratches on the screen of my recording device.

When buying this smartwatch, you can choose between midnight black and chrome silver covers. I had a chromed silver unit with a blue Neptune bracelet. The belt has a width of 22 mm and can be replaced with any standard 22 mm belt. Xiaomi has used quick release to attach it to the straps of the watch so that it can be easily removed without tools.

Turn the clock and you’ll find a heart rate sensor in the middle of the back, with a touch point on each side for powered. Xiaomi offers on The mi Watch Revolve a GPS and a GLONASS that allows you to track walks and races without the need to pair them with a smartphone. It also has Bluetooth 5 LE for connectivity and an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness.

Surprisingly, the mi Watch Revolve is not too heavy. It weighs about 60g with the included bracelets, while the body alone weighs 40G. however, it feels voluminous, and sleeping while wearing this large watch is not easy. At least Xiaomi has made good use of the large cover by packing it in a 420mAh battery. The Mi Watch Revolve is also waterproof up to 5 ATM, so you can easily take it with you for swimming.

Mi Watch Revolve Software

You need to install the Xiaomi Wear App if you are on Android or the Xiaomi Wear Lite App on an iPhone to pair the smartwatch. I combined my mi Watch Revolve with an Android smartphone. The process was fairly simple, and the watch had a stable connection. You can configure the mi Watch Revolve using the app and decide which apps are allowed to warn you on the wrist. You can also change the dials and download new ones to meet your needs. You can switch between the dials of the mi Watch Revolve once you have downloaded it.

The mi Watch Revolve works more like a notifier, which means you can’t respond to messages. If you were hoping to be able to continue a WhatsApp conversation from the watch, you cannot do so. You can see notifications for incoming calls, but you can not answer calls through the watch, as you can with the Huawei Watch GT 2 (Review) or many other options.

You can change some settings on the clock itself, for example, you can manually adjust the brightness of the screen or turn on the automatic setting, change the intensity of vibrations and switch to the always enabled mode. You can use the “Find Phone” function on the watch to make your smartphone ring loudly. The Mi Watch Revolve can also display the air pressure and altitude and has a built-in compass, which is useful if you like hiking or other outdoor activities.

Performance of the Mi Revolve watch

To test the accuracy of the mi Watch Revolve, I manually counted the 500 steps while walking and saw that the smartwatch counted the 502 steps, which is not a big gap. I also covered a distance of 500m and the device calculated 510 meters. Distance and step tracking shows slight variations, but not enough to bother an occasional user. At the end of the day, you can always get an accurate picture of how many steps you have taken and how far you have traveled.

The sleep monitoring was accurate and the Mi Watch Revolve tracked the different phases of sleep well. It shows recordings in phases characterized as deep sleep, light sleep, REM and awake, and also guides you to improve sleep quality. I didn’t wear the Mi Watch Revolve to sleep every night because I found it a little too bulky to sleep comfortably with it on my wrist.

Heart rate tracking was pretty accurate, but the mi Watch Revolve was sometimes slow to record a change in heart rate. This was especially visible when I was exercising. The mi Watch Revolve is also able to track stress by measuring heart rate variability and comparing it with activity intensity data. This works best when you are stationary and may not give a reading when you are moving or exercising. The mi Watch Revolve also displays the “energy levels” taking into account various parameters such as daily activity, exercise, stress and sleep. I noticed that on days when I was not sleeping well, it brought lower energy levels, but I would not take this step seriously.

The battery life of the mi Watch Revolve depends on how you configure it and how often you do your workouts. I had about two weeks from The mi Watch Revolve by allowing only selected notifications from some apps and disabling the permanent display feature, but continuous heart rate tracking was enabled. With the display always active and many notifications for messaging apps like WhatsApp, you will probably see a drop in battery performance. If you do frequent walks and tracking exercises, the GPS of the Mi Watch Revolve will also help drain the battery.

powered the mi Watch Revolve requires a proprietary charger. You can simply put the watch on the cradle and it will be loaded through the contact pins. I plugged the cradle into a standard charger, and the battery lasted up to 32% in 30 minutes and 62% in an hour. Full powered of the watch took a little more than two hours.

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